Satan’s Plot to Destroy the Family ~ Part II ~ “Sex Just Another Activity”

Sex is not just another activity. God created sex to be a wonderful, exciting bond between a husband and a wife. When that bond is shared with another, it dulls the electrifying connection between the couple. God created a space where no one else should enter in. In Genesis 2:24 God instructed man and woman to leave mom and dad and become one flesh. They should be one flesh in mind and body. When it comes to sexual pleasure, your heart, mind, and eyes should only see your spouse. Anything else is not God’s design and causes separation and pain. The marriage bed is a safe place to be enjoyed. God is clear that the sexual relationship outside of the marriage bed is dangerous. Hebrews 13:4 “Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.” The American culture is a prime example of the truth behind this verse.

Before the 1960’s and the Hippie Movement, the family unit as described in the Bible (Husband + Wife + Children) was highly valued. The man took great pride in being responsible to take care of his family. He was the leader and provider. The woman took pleasure in walking alongside of her husband to make sure that the family’s needs were being met. When sacrifice for and the best interest of the family was put in the forefront, the home ran with love and unity. When selfishness was the motivating factor, things did not work out well. Sex outside of the marriage bed was called what it was ~ SIN. Abortions were rare and unheard of. Family was there for each other. The family unit was a powerful bond.

Satan did not like the power, love, and unity that came from a strong family unit. In order to destroy the family, he had to attack the powerful, connecting bond between a husband and wife. If he could weaken and destroy that bond, he could destroy the family. Satan would use the Hippie Movement of the 1960’s to get the ball rolling.

The Hippie Movement was all about free love and sexual liberation. They had a “if it feels good, do it” attitude, yet they had very little thought or concern for the consequences of their actions. They had no problem having multiple sexual partners or having sexual relations outside of the marriage bed. Sin may be enjoyable for a time, but it will take you further than you want to go and cost you more than you want to pay. Where has this “free love” attitude taken us and what has it cost us? Here are some statistics:

  • Abortions went from approx. 300 a year in the early 60’s to approx 1.3 million a year. Over 50 MILLION babies have been killed. “Free love” has not been free; instead, it has cost many people their lives.
  • In the US in the year 2000, an estimated 8 million cases of sexually transmitted infections occurred in fifteen- to twenty-four-year-olds. (This is just one year) (1
  • Sexually transmitted infections kill, cause infertility, cause death and blindness to offspring, causes depression and a feeling of uncleanness or regret.
  • Sexually active girls are three times more likely to be depressed and three times more likely to have attempted suicide as virgins; sexually active boys are twice as likely to be depressed and eight times as likely to have attempted suicide as virgins. (2
  • In the 1970’s there were approximately 3 million single family homes; today there are over 10 million. (3
  • Many people do not even get married and of those who do marry, about 50% end in divorce. It seems that the kids suffer the most.

It saddens my heart that sex has become such a lustful, selfish act that a young girl could be unmercifully raped and people think it is so funny and normal that they take videos and walk away not even caring about the girl being violated. Where has our society gone?

I believe it is time for our country to take a stand to protect our young ladies and their offspring from the pain, sorrow, and death that is resulting from sex outside of the marriage bed. It is time to encourage our young people to wait to date until they are ready for marriage. It is time for our girls to take a stand and say, “I will no longer be used, abused, and tossed away like a dirty rag. I will wait until I am someone’s treasure.”  It is time for our guys to say, “I will not abuse or use a girl. I will wait to date until I am ready to take on the responsibility of raising my family and treating my wife like the treasure she is.” In my next blog, I will be sharing why it is so important for young people to wait to date until they are ready for marriage.

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One in Three MI Adults are Obese

This statement hit me hard and I could not get it out of my mind. I really do not think that people realize the seriousness of being overweight. Kim Kozlowski in the Detroit News stated, “The one in three obesity rate is an increase of almost 50% since 1995. If the trend continues, almost 60% of Michigan’s people will be obese by the year 2030. Michigan is at the forefront of a national public health crisis with the fifth-highest obesity rate.”  In 2009, Michigan was 9th place. In just three years, Michigan went from 9th place to 5th place. At the rate we are going, soon we will take 1st place. I don’t know about you, but being in 1st place for obesity is not what I want to be first in. I want to see that rate lowered. I want to encourage people to lose weight. To start, I’m going to cover the seriousness of being overweight and obese and the importance of maintaining a healthy body weight.

Obesity is having an excessive amount of body fat in relation to lean tissue (all body weight that is not from body fat). When your BMI (body mass index) is 30 or higher, you are considered obese. When many people think of people who are obese, they think of people who weigh over 300lbs. That is not always the case. At one time I was obese. I am 4’ll” and when I weighed 155, I was obese. My ideal weight is between 110-120lbs. Anything over 120lbs. is considered overweight and anything over 150lbs. is considered obese. Our bodies are designed to carry a certain weight and anything over that weight, puts a strain on our bodies. Here is a website that can calculate your BMI:

Being overweight and obese affects people in many areas, not just physically.  Below are just some of the ways obesity affects people:

  • Physically: They have a much greater chance of having type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, arthritis, certain cancers, and more. Eighty-five percent of the time, type 2 diabetes could have been prevented if the people would have maintained a healthy weight. Watching people in my family suffer from type 2 diabetes has been one of my biggest motivators to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Emotionally: People suffer from low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and embarrassment. Many times it is a vicious cycle. Someone is depressed, has low self-esteem so they eat for comfort and end up gaining more weight causing them to be more depressed. That was me. I ate out of boredom and depression, gained weight, then felt more anxiety and depression. On and on it went.
  • Socially: People become an outcast, their weight or illness stops them from doing things and going places with friends and family.

Not only the people who are overweight are affected, being overweight affects many people. Family and friends are affected when a person cannot do something because of an illness or their size stops them. Co-workers have to take up the slack when people are unable to do their jobs or they have to miss work. If the obesity rate would go down just 5%, it would save the taxpayers billions of dollars.

Wow! That all sounds depressing. Believe me, I know. When I look at the factors of my chances of being obese, I feel doomed. I’m 4’11” so my body burns less calories than someone who is 5’2”. I am a woman; women tend to gain weight easier than men. I’m 53; every decade after 30, I burn 5% less calories than the decade before. I’m an author; authors sit for hours at a computer writing. I was a preschool teacher for 15 years. I gained 5 lbs as soon as I resigned to write my book and start Building Strong Families. Many people in my family are overweight which raises your chances of being obese. Plus, there is more to come. When you are postmenopausal it is easier to gain weight and I’m not even there yet. At the rate I’m going, by the time I reach 70 years old, I’ll only be able to drink water. What is a person to do to lose weight? There is hope!! I’m a living example of hope.

It’s all about CHOICES…CHOICES…CHOICES! Everyone knows that their bodies need energy (calories) to function. Where do we get those calories? FOOD! The problem is that when people take in more than they burn, they gain weight. If you want to lose weight, the goal is to take in less calories than you burn. You can wish and pray all you want to lose weight, but if you do not make some LIFE-changes and adjustments, you will NEVER lose weight.

I was once considered obese. When I was at my highest weight, I became depressed. I prayed and begged God to please help me lose weight. I heard His still, small voice say, “Quit eating sweets!” I said, “I said I wanted to lose weight, not give up sweets.” I cut back on sweets, but did not quit all together. I just could not lose the weight. I prayed again and I heard the same words, “Quit eating sweets!” Finally, it dawned on me that if I REALLY wanted to lose weight, I had to give up sweets, totally. The day I made the decision to quit eating sweets was the day my weight started to come off. After I lost weight, I thought. “I can eat a little sweets again.” Sure enough, the weight started to come back. I remembered the decision I made to quit eating sweets and knew that I had to do it for life. The weight came off. With every decade or lifestyle change, I have to make adjustments or the weight starts coming back. When I quit the preschool, I had to start eating less because I was not moving around like I once was. It is all about choices.

The first question you must ask yourself is, “Do I want to lose weight bad enough to make a LIFE-style change?” If the answer is yes, then you have to change something. Many people say it is impossible for them to lose weight, yet they eat sweets, fried food, and large helpings. Unless you NEVER eat sweets, fried food, or large helpings, and you exercise every day, you CAN lose some weight.

First, you need to care enough about your health that you are willing to make whatever changes are necessary. Losing weight is not just about making you look better (that is one huge advantage); losing weight is about your health. I had family members who suffered illnesses, people I know died of heart attacks, and had very low self-esteem, all due to being overweight. It is serious! Those people chose to continue to eat sweets, fried foods, and larger portions. They chose not to exercise; instead, they sat for hours watching TV. Those people are not here today because of their choices. You owe it to yourself, your friends, and your family.

I know that I am being a little rough here, but this is serious. I know it is hard to lose weight; I have struggled with my weight since I was a little girl. It is very hard to watch people eat sweets, fried foods, and large portions knowing I can never eat those things if I want to maintain a healthy weight. I choose my health over food. What do you choose today, food or healthy life-style changes? Will you choose an hour of exercise over an hour of TV ? Will you replace chips and doughnuts for something healthy? Do not go on a diet because you will go off of a diet. Instead, make one life-change and stick to it. If you want to continue to lose weight, make another change. You CAN do it! You owe it to yourself, your family, and your friends.

Love ya, Linda 🙂

Overseeing Your Family’s Health

A healthy family makes for a happy family. Your bodies are your earthly houses. You will live in them until you die. If your physical needs are not met, your bodies will not function to their full potential and can be the start of many serious health issues.  It is up to you, the parents, to see that your family stays in good physical shape. What do your bodies need to stay healthy and fit?

Proper Nutrition

What you eat and how much you eat can affect your health, emotions, and how well your brains work. Each person is given only one body; therefore, it is important that you all learn to take good care them. It is necessary to make sure you have the proper nutrients so your bodies can develop properly and stay healthy. Where do you get the vitamins and nutrients that your bodies need? You get them from different kinds of foods. The government has a website ( The website is filled with valuable information to help you know exactly what kind and how much food each person in your family needs. Check it out.

Make sure you keep your home filled with healthy foods and drinks. When your children go for a snack and the cupboard is filled with candy, cookies, chips, pretzels, and other packaged foods, of course they are going to choose foods that have no nutritional value. Stay away from Kool-aid, Hi-C, pop, and other drinks that are full of sugar and other additives. The foods and drinks  just mentioned should be a rare treat, not an everyday food. Have fresh fruits and vegetables cut up and at your fingertips so you all can easily get something healthy when you are hungry.


Physical exercise has so many benefits. Some benefits are: it controls weight; reduces blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers; improves mental health, moods, cardiovascular fitness, healthy bones, posture, balance, and muscle growth and developmental skills. Most health professionals recommend that children and adults should participate in at least thirty to sixty minutes of physical activity every day.

What do you do to make sure that everyone in your family is getting enough exercise? Go outside and play tag, baseball, or touch football. Have fun playing together at the playground, riding your bikes, or going hiking in the park. Unable to get outside for whatever reason? There are now video games where you can get a good workout. Play as a family. Just remember that video game activity is only to be used when you cannot get outside. Obesity is on the rise in America because too many people are not active enough; instead, they are sitting on a couch watching television or playing video games for long periods of time. Start today and do thirty minutes of physical exercise as a family.


Many people do not realize the importance of getting enough sleep. Sleeping is a time when muscles, bones, and skin grow and repair themselves. Sleep builds the immune system. People require more sleep when they are sick. Other benefits of sleep are that it helps you to pay attention and concentrate more, solve problems more proficiently, and get along better with others. When people lack sleep, they are more moody, have more trouble making good choices, and have less patience. If your children are having behavioral problems, you might want to make sure they are getting enough sleep. People are able to function so much better when they get the sleep their bodies need. People who lack sleep also tend to be sick more often because their bodies do not have time to build the immune system.

How can you help everyone get the sleep they need? One of the most important things is that you have a bedtime routine. Having a routine helps the body know it is time to get ready for sleep.  Start at the same time every night. Have your children take their baths, get their pajamas on, and then have your quiet time together where you talk and read. Sometimes children like to listen to music as they go to sleep. Have them listen to something relaxing and that builds the qualities you would like to see in them. My children loved to go to sleep listening to Patch the Pirate. His songs are about the Lord and are great to instill godly character into your children’s lives.  You want to make sure the rooms are dark, cool, and quiet. Light tells the body it is time to be awake. You want to avoid having a big meal before bed, drinking sodas with caffeine, and watching action movies. These things keep the body awake.

Make Your Home a Safe Place

Not only should you keep your home safe in the ways we talked above (limiting junk food, providing a quiet atmosphere for sleeping, and not being stationary), you should also keep your home safe from other things that can harm the body such as cigarette smoke. Breathing in second-hand smoke is just as harmful as actually smoking. If you smoke or are around people who smoke, I would suggest doing a little research about the facts of second and third-hand smoke. Also, be very careful when it comes to alcohol and drugs in your home. Many people who have addictions started from what they found in their own homes.

You can see from above that there are many things that you are able to do to contribute to your family’s health. Start with making one change today and stick with it. You will be glad you did.

By: Linda Svacha 🙂