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Get to the Root


We are aware that sex trafficking, rape, abortion, pornography, STDs, divorce, domestic violence, and many single-parent homes are ruining our society, causing a great deal of pain and destruction. Countless people have been actively fighting against these problems for years. Why then are these issues and others continuing to plague our country and the world around us? Because we are cultivating these offshoots!! Believe it or not, many of the people who go out and fight these issues are unknowingly a part of cultivating the soil in which they thrive. Unless we are willing to get our hands dirty, expose and pull these by-products up by the root, they WILL continue.

All these problems have the same damaging root source ~ the distortion of God’s design for sex and intimacy. As long as we continue to focus on the individual issues without addressing the root cause, these issues and more will continue to surface and grow. We must focus on destroying the source in order for these problems to die off. Can you imagine how powerful it could be if everyone who is fighting all these individual causes got together and attacked the root?  Actually, the place to start won’t cost you a dime. It may even save you money. Are you willing to do whatever it takes?

First, we must have a right understanding of what God’s design for sex and intimacy is. God designed sex to be a powerful, unifying means for a husband and wife to become one flesh for life and to procreate in a family setting. When sex is used as an activity or to fulfill a lustful desire instead of the loving unification of a husband and wife for life, it has destructive effects. People become objects that are used and abused (objects don’t have feelings). These troubles do not happen when God’s design for marriage and family are properly in place. Stop and take a moment to see that all these issues truly DO stem from relationships taken out of God’s design.

Next, we must STOP encouraging children to get into romantic relationships before they are ready to marry. It is NOT funny or cute to see young teens and younger starting to date. When a person is in a relationship, their brain releases oxytocin (a bonding hormone). This hormone builds trust and unity and a God-given desire to get more intimate. We are either asking our children to fight against that emotion or give in to it. Neither is God’s design. Knowing the statistics, we can see how many are giving in and the damaging effects sex before marriage is having. Instead, let’s teach our teens the qualities and the skills necessary to be productive people, spouses, and parents. Will you be a part of taking the time to teach and train our next generation? Contact your pastor or myself on ways to get started.

Last is the hard part. Sex sells!!! You must decide to have NO part in anything that promotes or condones anything contrary to God’s design. Whenever we watch a show or movie, read a book, or play a video game that distorts God’s design, we take part in creating a culture that produces the by-products previously shared. Our cable companies, stores, movies theaters, and rental sources know who is watching what. They don’t know if you’re against something in it. If you are against something, why would you want to be a part of it? Can you imagine if every person who is against any or all of the issues mentioned at the beginning would refuse to watch, read, play, or listen to anything that goes against God-designed relationships? Here are two ways you can begin to dig up the root: 1) Go to http://www.pluggedin.com where they have the context of most media. If sex outside of God’s design or condoned abuse is in it, don’t participate. 2) Look into subscribing to http://pureflix.com/  where your family can watch good wholesome movies.

Remember what goes in WILL come out. We can clearly see that what has been going into us and our children has been coming out in very damaging ways. Will the change begin with you? Our children, grandchildren and country are depending on us! Are you in? With God behind us, we can take back the land that Satan has stolen, but we MUST do our part.

Hebrews 13:4 Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge.

John 15:12 This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

By Linda Svacha, BCBC


Menstrual Rag or Fine Linen

Everyone knows that a menstrual rag is to be used and tossed. Whereas, fine linen has great value and is a keepsake. God did not intend for women to be treated like menstrual rags; He intended for them to be treasured and desired like fine linen. In America, more and more women are being looked at as sex objects instead of the treasures that God created them to be. Men are using women for their pleasure and tossing them aside, used, unclean, and often damaged for life. A gentleman used to date a woman so he could see if she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, the one who would compliment his life. He treated her with the respect she deserved. The sexual union was reserved for the marriage bed to bond a couple for life.  Now, many men want to date women to use them with no responsibility intended. They have their “fun” and then toss “their woman” aside and look for another one to use. Many are going so far as to want “friends with benefits” (sex with absolutely no commitment). The sad fact is that when women are used and discarded, the women and children suffer the most.

Women are emotional beings and have a strong desire to be loved and cherished. They suffer emotionally when there is a breakup. God created the hormone oxytocin which creates a strong bonding between two people causing them to have a “oneness.”  It is released from the pituitary gland during intimate talking, touching, cuddling, kissing, and during sex.  The more talking, touching, cuddling, kissing, and sexual activity you have, the stronger the bond becomes. When a couple split up, it can bring the woman great distress causing depression, low self-esteem, and even suicide. Having the bond and oneness that God intended only comes from being with one person for life.

Another extremely serious concern is the amount of STDs/STIs being transmitted due to sexual activity (contact with the genital area including anal and oral activity) outside the marriage bed. These diseases and infections are causing serious health issues, infertility, and even death in women. Many STIs are incurable, meaning you will have them for life. Annually, there are over 19 million new STIs in the United States (1). One in two sexually active persons will contact an STD/STI by the age 25 (1). According to Centers for Disease Control, in 2009 alone there were 12,357 women diagnosed with cervical cancer and 3,909 died from it (2). There is no condom, pill, or shot than can totally prevent you from contracting a STD/STI. Many times men have no symptoms causing them to unknowingly pass an STD/STI to all the women they use. Not only are women affected, innocent children suffer, as well. A pregnant woman with an STD can go into early labor, deliver a still born child, or cause the baby to have neurologic problems, blindness, liver disease, and more (3).

When a woman with children is abandoned, the children suffer. Currently, there are over 10 million single mothers trying to raise their children, up from 3.4 million in 1970 (4). Children in single-mother homes are more likely to live in poverty, have lower grades, take drugs, spend time in jail, and suffer emotionally. Another devastating fact is that because many men do not want to take on the responsibility of raising a family and women are afraid to raise children solo, over a million babies are aborted annually never having the opportunity to live outside of the womb. Is all of this worth some temporary pleasure?

God created the beauty of a woman. It is up to you to determine what you will do with your beauty. You can use your good looks to attract men who will use you for their sexual satisfactions and when they have had their fill, discard you. Or, you can save yourself for the man you will spend the rest of your life with being cherished and considered priceless. How will you use the beauty that God has given you?

There are a number of safeguards to help you be a woman who is treasured. First, I would watch how you dress. Your clothes send out a message. When you dress modestly, you are inviting respect. If your dress is skimpy (low cut shirts, short-shorts and dresses, bare midriffs, and bikinis), believe me, you will attract men, but they will be men who want to use you. The more revealing your clothes are, the more you will be looked at as an object instead of a person. When a woman is looked at as an object, it is easier to abuse her because objects do not have feelings. A man who looks at a woman as a lifetime partner and not a sex object is more likely to be responsible, selfless, faithful, and caring. He waits to have a relationship until he is ready to take on the responsibility of a family and saves intimacy for his marriage bed.

Next, I would wait to date until you are both ready to be married. This may sound like a crazy statement, but early dating is one of the reasons our country is in the mess it is. Adolescents are not ready to take on the responsibility of a family; therefore, building a bond with someone you may not spend the rest of your life with can be dangerous. You may compromise your values in order not to lose the person you are dating, often leading to the severe consequences presented earlier. When a couple begin to get intimate and the young man is not ready for a commitment, often he will break the relationship causing the girl intense emotional pain. Waiting to date until you are ready to be married saves you and your future children from a great deal of heartache.

Lastly, it is important to pay close attention to who a person is before you begin to date. Actions speak louder than words. Words can be deceitful. Do not date someone just because they like you. Date someone who has the characteristics you are looking for in a husband. Be picky! It is worth the wait. Some of the characteristics you should look for are: He puts God first (living for Christ, not just saying it), is a hard worker, is a giving person, and is respectful to others. He should not be easily angered or controlling. Watching for these qualities in a person before you date helps you know if you will be forsaken or cherished. Also, when you begin to date, if a male wants intimacy early on, chances are, he wants to use you. If he does not respect the fact that you do not want to get physical, end the relationship quickly.

It is time for women to take a stand and demand to be valued the way God intended them to be. Let it begin with you. Start today by putting your safeguards in place to protect your beauty and purity! You may get laughed at along the way, but in the end that laughter will turn to envy. Maybe you are a woman who has been used and tossed. That does not have to be you any longer. You are still special and of great value. God has more in store for you than to be used. Today is a new day, a new beginning! May you use your beauty in a way that brings glory to the name of Christ.

Song of Solomon 4:7 You are all fair, my love, and there is no spot in you.

Written by Linda Svacha, BCBC


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Adoption is an Option ~ Part II ~ Abortion

In this series, I will do a separate blog for each of the choices women have when they become pregnant in the United States. Each blog will have some facts to get the couple thinking beyond the infant stage. Again, I want to stress that having children out of wedlock is hard and can be very painful which is why we want to share this information with young people even before they start dating. God’s design is always best (sex only after marriage). Before a couple has sex, they should be ready for what might come (children). Even if a couple uses contraceptives, they could very likely have a child.

When a couple becomes pregnant out of wedlock, the issue is not if it will be painful for those involved, because it will; the concern is what is best for the baby. If people wait until they are married and ready to take on the responsibilities of raising children, they do not have to worry about what decision to make. Every circumstance is different and requires careful consideration.

Abortion: The first choice I will talk about is abortion. Before I begin, I want people to know that I do not judge people for the decisions that they make in their lives. The reason I am writing these blogs is to encourage adoption, to get people to think, and have information that will help them make a wise decision.

What is an abortion? An abortion is the induced expulsion of a human fetus.

There are a number of reasons women choose to have an abortion, but I will be discussing the abortions women choose to have when they find out that they are pregnant and do not want a baby.  In 1973, The Roe v Wade decision from the Supreme Court of the Untied States of America allowed women to a constitutionally protected right to have an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy. The decision whether a woman’s baby would have the chance to live was placed into the hands of the mother. When a woman chooses to end her pregnancy, she is depriving her child an opportunity to live. Webster’s definition of kill is very clear, Kill: to deprive of life: cause the death of. As hard of a fact it is to face, America has allow parents to kill their children. Women who abort their babies are depriving them of life and cause the death of their children. In 2009, 1,350,500 abortions were performed in the United States (nytimes.com). That means in 2009 alone, the United States of America freely allowed over one million babies to be murdered.

The Bible is clear that a baby is someone even before conception. Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalm 139:13-16 show us that God knows us before we are in our mother’s womb. Many say that what is inside of the mother is not a baby. Even if that was true, when a woman has an abortion, she is still depriving someone of life and that is murder.  Every child that is conceived should have the chance to live.

Frequently, numerous women know that they are unable to take on the responsibility of raising children and feel that they have no other option except to abort the baby. Those are the women we want to reach to share with them the wonderful option of adoption. Women need to be commended for knowing that they are unable to raise their children, yet they are willing to give the baby a chance to live.

Other times, people are ashamed and do not want anyone to know that they are pregnant. We need to let people know that we love them no matter what and we will be there for them to help them make a right decision. We want to encourage mothers to think of their children over what others might think about them. They will stand before God one day to give an account, not people.

Often, people use abortion as a means of birth control, simply because they do not want to have a baby. Some of those people do not even realize they are killing their babies. Once they realize what they have done, many emotions take over their thinking: guilt, anxiety, anger, depression, emotional deadening, and even suicide. If you know someone who is thinking of ending their pregnancy, it would be beneficial to have a long talk with that person and give them some information to think about.

If you had an abortion, you cannot go back and change that decision. What you can do is learn from it and help others know there are other options beside abortion. You can even get involved in promoting adoption in memory of your child/children. Feeling the emotions talked about earlier in the blog is normal. God is a forgiving God and is there to help you heal. If you are pregnant or know of someone who is pregnant and considering an abortion, please encourage them to think about allowing their baby to live and place it up for adoption.

In the next blog, I will discuss some things to consider when a woman thinks about keeping her child.

By: Linda Svacha