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The Table Acronym


  • T ~ talking-Statistics have shown that a family who eats and spends time together around the table lowers their children’s chances of getting into trouble and making poor choices. There is nothing better than sharing life with those you love around the kitchen table. Problems have been solved and many victories have been celebrated there. The memories created will last a lifetime.

~Deuteronomy 6:7 You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise up.

  • A ~ activities-Bonding is happening when you do things together. What a blessing to watch the activities around the table: birthday celebrations, countless meals, card making for caroling and other special occasions, games won & lost, inventions, creations made with Lego’s and we do not want to forget the endless hours of homework (well, maybe not so much bonding with that one, lol).

~I Corinthians 10:31  Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

  • B ~ Bible studies-Some of my greatest joys have been opening the Bible with others to learn and grow together in our walks with the Lord. Hearing the powerful testimonies of what God is doing in and through each of us has been such an encouragement. His word sure is alive, powerful, and transforming!! It is so humbling going with others into the throne room of God to seek His wisdom and will.

~Matthew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.

  • L ~ laughter-Hearing funny stories with belly laughter around the table is the best. There is nothing like a good friend who always has a story to tell that will get you laughing.

~Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart does good, like medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones.

  • E ~ eternity-Our kitchen table has been one of our greatest investments. The talking together, activities shared, opening of the Bible, and the belly laughs have all in one way or another have been used with the hopes of seeing many around the eternal table. Spending eternity with our Lord and those we have done life with is something I and those found in Christ look forward to.

~Revelations 19:9 Then he said to me, “Write: ‘Blessed are those who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb!’”

I love and am so thankful for my kitchen table. So many wonderful memories have been made there and I look forward to the numerous ones to come. Is your kitchen table a special place?


Peace IV ~ Emotions IX

Peace That Passes Understanding:

Can you have a peace when your baby dies? Can you have a peace when your house burns down? Can you have a peace when you are told that you have less than six months to live? Can you have a peace when your husband calls and tells you he no longer has a job? Can you have a peace when you have $5.00 to last you two weeks? Christians can! There is a peace that is beyond understanding and it only comes from God. You cannot obtain it any other way.

In John 16:33, Jesus lets us know that as long as we live in this world, we WILL have trials and troubles, but we can have peace and be of good cheer because we KNOW that Christ has overcome the world. As long as we live on earth, there WILL be death, crying, pain, and sorrow, but earth is only temporal. In Heaven pain, death, and sorrow are NO more. Christians are not exempt from the things of this world. Our deepest, darkest times are when we can rest in the fact that God is conforming us into the image of His Son, Jesus (Romans 8:28-29). When Christ was getting ready to face the cross, He trusted God to take the pain and use it for His honor and glory. Christ was forsaken so we could be forgiven. God has a reason and a purpose for the situations that we are placed in. Knowing this, we can sit back and watch God’s will be done in and through our horrible circumstances.

Philippians 4:6-7 tells us not to be worried, but to bring our circumstances to Him with thanksgiving. When we do, we will have the peace of God that is beyond our understanding. When something comes your way, stop and give God thanks for the opportunity to praise Him and allow Him to be God. Thank Him for the chance to bring glory to His name during your trials. I know God really does give this peace. I have experienced this peace in my life and in the lives of family and friends.

When I was a single mom, there were times that after I paid my bills, I had $5.00 that had to last me two weeks. I would stop and thank God for supplying me with enough to pay my bills. He gave me a peace that if something came up during those two weeks, He could handle it; He was God! I saw miracle after miracle. My faith grew so much during that time and I really came to know in my heart that if God can speak the world into existence, He can take care of anything that I am going through. God instantly gave me a peace I could not understand when my husband lost his job. I knew that God was with me as a single mom and that He would be with me and John during this trial, as well. Our job was to continue to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and He would supply our needs (Matthew 6:33). That is what we did and that is what He did!

When one of my best friends lost her daughter, I went up to be with her. It was a hard but glorious time. It was hard to see someone you love in so much pain, but glorious to see God’s presence manifested in so many ways. Those same friends lost their house to a fire. Again, it was so hard to see their family in so much pain, but watching God over abundantly supply their needs once again lets me know that God is God and will be with and take care of His children. The new house is still under construction, but I look forward to the end product and how God is going to use their new home.

The time that I can honestly say that it was really embedded in my heart that God would give His children a peace that passes understanding during ANY circumstance that may come our way was when my sister-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and told she had a very short time left on this earth. I went over her house the day she was told and I will NEVER forget what she said to me. She said, “Linda, I have always know about the verse in the Bible where it talks about God giving a peace that passes understanding, but I have never experienced it like I am now. I have a peace that I cannot explain. I don’t want Christians to get cancer, but to experience this peace is amazing. I just can’t explain it. I never want this feeling to go away.” It didn’t!  She lived for a little over a month. During her last month, she used her situation to bring glory to God, right up to her last breath. Once a waitress asked her how she was doing. Her response was, “I’m doing the best I can for someone who is dying with stage 4 cancer, but I know that I am going to be in Heaven shortly. Do you know for sure you’ll go to Heaven when you die?” One of her grandchildren saw her faith and accepted Christ as his Savior. God is in control.

Yes, God gives a peace that passes understanding to His children when they need it the most. If you are going through a trial, stop and thank God for a chance to let Him be God and for the opportunity for you to be able to bring honor and glory to His name during your trial.

By: Linda Svacha 🙂