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Men of Valor Where Are You

Knights-Templar-4      On behalf of so many hurting women, I am crying out to the male population to be the men and leaders that God has called you to be.  We need men of valor who are not afraid to take a stand for what they know is right. I beg you to please read the following. We NEED you!!!!

Currently, women and children are being treated worse than any other time in our nation. An astronomical amount of women and children are being treated like objects, used and tossed like a piece of garbage. Young girls are being raped in their own homes by the very men who are supposed to be protecting them. The average age for sex-slavery is 13. Over 300,000 youth in the United States are at risk to be sold to satisfy the lusts of men. Young men think nothing of taking sex from a girl whether she says no or not. That is called rape! The men go on their merry way leaving their victims to suffer in silence. Approximately 20 million people will contract a new STD every single year. Sex outside the marriage bed HARMS!!

Over one million babies are ripped from their mother’s bodies each year. Again, the women are left to suffer in silence. There are over 10 million single family homes. Nearly one in three American children live without a father. Where are the fathers who are suppose to protect and provide for their families? Men are beating the women and children who love them with their fists and emotional words at an alarming rate. In one DAY, over 64,000 people received services for domestic violence. Boys are assaulting their mothers and sisters while the fathers stand back and watch. Where are our men of valor who will stand up and put a stop to this evil in our country?

How have such a large number of our men fallen so far from what God created them to be? I believe there are a number of reasons. One is that many men have a lack of understanding of what a true godly leader looks like. Good leaders use their power and position to benefit those who they are leading; they do not use them for self gain. Leaders love, nurture, and protect those under them, exhorting, encouraging, and empowering them to be all God created them to be. It is easy for someone under good leadership to trust and submit to their leader because they know the leader has their best interest at heart. The greatest example of this is Christ and His Church. He sacrificed His whole life for His followers. He did nothing for Himself. His followers submit to His loving lead. Marriage is to model Christ’s example so people can understand what a relationship with Christ looks like.

Another reason is the breakdown of the family. In America before the World Wars, most men provided for their family while the women managed the household. During the wars due to the lack of men, many women went out into the work force. They received a wage and satisfaction for what they accomplished. Kids were being left alone or with sitters and were no longer under the total care and supervision of their parents causing the authority of parents to weaken. This dilemma worsened when the men came home from war and women continued to work. Not only were the children suffering from lack of proper care and guidance, women were expected to continue to manage their households on top of working. Most men looked at housework as woman’s work and wanted no part of it.  Women were becoming exhausted and feeling unappreciated. One person should not be expected to do so much. It is time to take a good look and reevaluate the home to make sure one person is not carrying too much of the load and that the children are receiving the proper guidance and care necessary for them to grown into responsible adults.

In the 60’s and 70’s numerous women were tired of feeling unappreciated and unloved. Others were treated like doormats being walked all over in the name of submission. Tired of being treated like they were less valuable, a movement began where numerous women were making statements like, “We can do life on our own” and “We don’t need a man.” Women were feeling empowered like never before causing more to follow. Many women now had a means to support the family and walked away from bondage they were feeling. Other men gave women the leadership they so desperately desired. Men giving up their God-given role as leaders was not the answer. The answer was for men to be the affectionate leaders they were fashioned to be, creating an atmosphere where women and children could feel safe and loved.

Then, during this same time that women were wanting their freedom from the oppression they were feeling, the “Free Love” movement sprang up.  To many, this is where the sexual union openly became just a pleasurable activity instead of a scared bonding between a husband and wife. Men were having their fill of sexual satisfaction without the responsibility and commitment of leading and providing for their families. Women were getting the “love” and attention they so desperately longed for. In their eyes, love was free and life was great! If only they could have looked ahead forty to fifty years to see that free-love is not free and life really is not as great for women and children as they thought it would be. Women have become objects to be used for pleasure instead of a valuable treasure worth keeping for life. Children not being guided and cared for properly has resulted in them becoming irresponsible adults unable to make wise choices. We need men to stop using women as objects to satisfy their sexual lusts and respect women enough to save sexual pleasure for the marriage bed.

Men of valor we NEED you!!! What is a man of valor? A man of valor is a man who has the strength of mind and spirit that enables him to encounter danger with firmness. He has personal bravery, caring only what God thinks of him and not what others think. He takes seriously the role of leader that God has given to men. We need men who will be the loving, sacrificial, and protecting leaders they were designed to be. The following are ways you can begin:

  • Recognize that good leaders use their power and position to benefit those who they are leading; they do not use them for self gain. They love, nurture, and protect those under them.
    • Leaders are not better than those under them. All people are to be valued and respected regardless of position and status.
    • A true man does not take advantage of those who are weaker; he stands up and protects them.
    • Women and children have feelings, value, and worth.
      • Listen to them and take seriously what they have to say.
      • Respect and treat them like valuable treasures.
      • Oversee what is necessary to make sure that their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are being met.
    • Be willing to sacrifice your wants and desires to benefit what is best for your family unit.
  • Understand that women are not sex objects to be used to satisfy your lust and tossed aside like a dirty rag.
    • The sexual union is a mutual bonding between a husband and wife where love, safety, and trust are built. When confined within the marriage union, it is a beautiful, pleasurable bonding.
    • When sex is taken outside of marriage or with force, there is great physical and emotional danger.
    • Protect the women in your life by saving sex for the woman you are/will be married to and no other.
    • Stop degrading women by looking at pornography. It can become addicting and lessen intimacy between you and your spouse.
    • Do not laugh at or even listen to jokes where women are considered sex objects. Better yet, when someone makes jokes or remarks about women, speak up and let it be know that you want no part of degrading and devaluing women.
  • Do not be silent!
    • Talk, teach, and train the next generation how to value a woman. Most media, music, and video games are teaching boys that women are objects to be used and abused, devalued and degraded.
      • Modeling a true godly leader speaks volumes. Be a loving leader to the girls and women in your life.
        • Do not watch, listen, or play any type of media where it is considered okay for women to be used (sex before marriage), abused, or degraded in any way by a man. The sad thing is that you will be surprised how little there is left. Pluggedin.com is a great resource that lets you know what is in movies, music, and video games before you watch or play them.
      • Have intentional talks explaining to boys what a true leader is.
        • Explain that a woman is a valuable treasure. Her beauty and body are to be enjoyed solely by her husband.
        • Help them see they should be old and mature enough to handle the responsibility of caring for someone else’s heart before they ever think about dating.
      • If you see a man or boy treating a woman poorly, DO NOT keep quiet! Talk to them. Explain how name calling, lying, controlling, neglect, and physical harm are ALL abuse. Men and boys need to hear this from men, not women.
    • Go the extra mile to get involved in organizations that are trying to help women who are being abused. We need men who will stand up and say, “Enough is enough!!” Men will listen to other men. Let women see that there is hope and that there are still good men out there.
  • Get outside help if needed. There are times when the wife is doing the abusing. The answer is not to fight back or passively allow it to continue, but to get the family the help that is needed. Be assertive (taking positive action), not passive (allowing the abuse to continue) or aggressive (abusing back). You are the leader; it is up to you to keep your home a safe place for everyone who lives there.

I know some of you reading this are men of valor and we want to say thank-you. You are our heroes. Thank you to the men who:

  • Love, nurture, and protect the women in your life.
  • Treat your wife as a valuable helpmate, not a slave or doormat.
  • Listen and respect what your wife and children have to say and take in account their feelings when making decisions.
  • Refuse to watch, listen, or play anything where premarital sex is glamorized or where women are abused or degraded.
  • Intentionally talk, teach, and train boys and young men to be true leaders.
  • Take responsibility to provide and care for your family.
  • Go the extra mile to proactively get involved in putting an end to women being used and abused.
  • Do not degrade women in your jokes and who stand up and say something when someone does.

After reading this, I hope that you will put into action ways to help bring back the value of a woman.

Thank you and God Bless!

Linda Svacha, BCBC